MODA PR has worked with a diverse range of individuals, including actors, reality TV personalities, digital creators, directors, producers, and musicians. Our portfolio encompasses a dynamic array of talent, reflecting the breadth and depth of talent within the entertainment landscape. Through our strategic approach to public relations, we have collaborated with both established figures and emerging talents, helping to elevate their profiles and expand their reach.

Media Relations

Our extensive network of media contacts allows us to secure high-profile press placements in television, print, online, and radio ensuring maximum exposure for our clients.

Plus, thanks to our strategic and creative communications partner East to West Collective, MODA PR clientele can effectively enhance their visibility and maximise positive exposure on a transatlantic level


Brand Consultanc

Campaign Reporting & Evalua

Creative & Charitable Partnerships

MODA PR has a proven track record in securing and managing brand endorsements and charitable advocacy roles on behalf of our clients.

We understand that no two clients are alike, that’s why we take the time to develop customised PR strategies and creative partnerships that reflect our client’s unique personality, content pillars and career goals. 

Crisis & Reputation Management 

Unfortunately, in the public eye, you could face a media storm at any moment.

MODA PR can formulate strategic responses to control and shape the narrative, managing damage control and minimising the impact on our client’s reputation.



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